In honor of our 5th anniversary this past June, we wanted to give a special shout out to team members that have been at Picca since the very beginning!

Our 5 year all-stars include: Carlos Shaminez, line cook; Pablo Vega, sous chef; Miguel Angel Toledo, line cook; Nikolas Onwura, bartender; Ramon Monge, busser; Mario Alarcon, dishwasher and Tomas Mendez EspinozaChef de Cuisine.

They gave us the inside scoop and took us behind the scenes below. Kudos to all. We are so proud! Read on and thanks for your loyalty...

What is your fondest memory of working at Picca?

  • Shaminez: A Picca employee Party.
  • Vega: My first day at Picca.
  • Toledo: Being promoted from a dishwasher to a line cook.
  • Onwura: Opening day! It was so exciting, I loved seeing the looks on the guests faces after they tried the amazing food and drinks for the first time!
  • Mendez: Getting to work side by side with talented chefs.
  • Monge: Our first anniversary celebration.
  • Alarcon: When my coworkers remembered my birthday and brought me a cake.

Best part of working at Picca day to day?

  • Shaminez: Cooking Pobres which includes skirt steak, a fried egg and a pan­fried banana.
  • Toledo: Seeing everyone's smiling faces!
  • Onwura: Being part of the family and having a sense of ownership.
    Mendez: Getting to work with ingredients most people don’t see everyday and doing my best everyday to make customers leave happy!

What is your favorite dish on the menu?

  • Shaminez: Lomo Saltado.
  • Vega: Pork Belly.
  • Onwura: Anticucao Black Cod.
  • Mendez: The ceviches are the best.
  • Monge: Ceviche Crocante.

Favorite Drink?

  • Vega: Avocado Project.
  • Toledo: Avocado Project.
  • Onwura: Pedro Serrano.
  • Alarcon: Inka Cola.

Any menu or drink tips and tricks?

  • Shaminez: Huacatay Pisco!
  • Toledo: A dd red onion to the kokoda.
  • Onwura: Spicy Mezcal Margarita AKA Sucio, an amazing cocktail!

If you could have dinner at Picca with anyone in the world, who would it be?

  • Shaminez: My lady friend and family.
  • Vega: All of my family.
  • Toledo: My family from El Salvador.
  • Onwura: My dad, if he was alive.
  • Mendez: Jamie Oliver.
  • Monge: My daughter.
  • Alarcon: With my family.